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"Innovation" Grants in Education

The U.S. Dept. of Education is getting ready to launch its $650 million i3 ??nvesting in Innovation?contest. The money will be carved up and grants will go to school districts and nonprofits. Some of the criteria on which schools will compete recently came out…

Money will be doled out in three areas:

Pure Innovation - $5 million grants to try out new or interesting ideasStrategic Investment - $30 million for programs that need more research or organization to scale upGrow What Works - $50 million grants for programs that have already proven successful and are ready to expand

Education Secretary Arne Duncan has given Teach for America and charter schools as examples for innovative approaches to education.

So I'm curious:

As students are the future workforce, what improvements would business leaders like to see in education?

Is this an effective approach to making that happen?

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