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Motorola to Launch Its Android Phone on Sept. 10

I just received an e-mail invitation to a Sept. 10 Motorola event in San Francisco. The invite provides no details on the mysterious event, but it features the fun little robot that represents Android, which is software for mobile phones created by a coalition of companies led by Google.

Clearly, it?? not a stretch to call this invite what it is: An invitation to the launch of Motorola?? first Android-based phone.

This launch is a huge deal. The ailing handset maker, whose market share has dwindled precipitously in recent years on failure to come up with best-selling products, has effectively bet the company on the success of its new line of Android-based devices. Its first phone?? design and capabilities will offer a glimpse at whether Moto has succeeded or failed in that mission.

Blogs are already full of pictures of the phone Moto will supposedly announce; here?? a link to one of the more credible ones. Is this phone for real? Will it impress analysts, carriers and consumers alike? We??l have to wait until Sept. 10 to find out.

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