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Tips on lowering a cell-phone bill

Just got some tips from OpDecision, a Philadelphia-based outfit that helps companies cut their wireless bill.

Some tips:

* Always ask for at least a $150.00 credit when transferring from one carrier to another.

* When signing up for cellular services, the carrier should always provide a free equipment option; this includes Blackberries, PDA’s, and Smart Phones. While the no-cost device will likely not be the most current, you should be able to obtain one that performs with all the functionality you require.

* Never accept mail-in-rebates. Request that all rebates (for upgrades or new equipment) be applied directly as a credit to your account.

* When re-signing a contract with your provider for a corporate account, ensure to take bids from other carriers. This will enable you to leverage your position. This applies even if you know you are staying with your current carrier.

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