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Consumers Looking To Food Inc. For Fresh Food?

According to a report released this week by Ipsos Marketing, Consumer Goods, North American consumers have put ??roviding fresh ingredients?as the top thing they are looking for from food companies.

This was the top ranked response the firm asked respondents to a survey what the one area should be that food companies focus on most when developing new products. Twenty-six percent chose it from a menu of options, putting it ahead of “providing additional health benefits” (24 percent) and “making the packaging more environmentally friendly (21 percent).

It’s a bit puzzling, though, why consumers would assume a “food company” was the place to get “fresh ingredients.” I mean, are people really looking to Kraft, Conagra and Campbell Soup for “fresh.” Ever hear of a farmer’s market? Or even the produce section of your grocery store?

Few picked “improving the taste” (14 percent) or “making the food quicker and easier to prepare” (6 percent).

Just 4 percent of the North American respondents chose “developing foods that are totally different from other foods on the market” (4 percent. Last ranked was “developing packaging that is more convenient to use.” I guess the companies have made it about as easy as they can without compromising package integrity. Anyone recall when York Peppermint Patties were packaged just in foil wrappers that were scrunched down around the candy? Yikes.

I hate surveys.

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