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Windows Mobile: Losing Ground at Motorola?

Motorola reported its first-quarter results this morning, and not once did co-CEO Sanjay Jha mention his company?? plans for Windows Mobile. I think that?? significant.

Late last year, Motorola announced it will refocus its efforts on only three operating systems for cell phones: Android, Windows Mobile and its own proprietary software. Android was to become the main area of focus, while Motorola waited for a new version of Windows Mobile to come out in late 2009 or 2010.

But this morning, while Jha talked about his company?? plans to release several Android phones in the fourth quarter of 2009, he didn?? mention Windows Mobile at all. There can be many explanations. Here?? the one that, I think, is the most likely: An update on current Windows Mobile may still be ways away, possibly not coming until late 2010 (Microsoft?? releases are often delayed). For Motorola, that may be too late.

When I talk to analysts about Motorola, they say the company must prove itself in the next half a year to a year. They no longer mention Windows Mobile phones, either. Motorola hasn't yet responded to my request for comment.

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