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T-Mobile Sidekick Goes Social

On April 17, T-Mobile USA unveiled a new version of its popular Sidekick device. Besides improvements in hardware, the new Sidekick LX features a slew of cool social-networking features that aren?? yet widely available in the U.S. The phone will pop up Facebook, MySpace and Twitter status updates and notifications directly into an application a user is in. They will appear as screen overlays. You??l be able to see the full text of a tweet, for instance.

Companies like INQ are already integrating social-networking features into phones in Europe. But such deep integration is still new to the U.S. It will be interesting to see whether the feature attracts lots of user attention. It might: Today, three out of every four Sidekick users access a social networking site at least once a week. If the Sidekick LX proves to be a success, such deep integration could start popping up in more phones in the coming months.

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