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Tomorrow's Innovation: The Eco-Cow

I can?? proclaim that this is an innovation that??l change the world, though I guess it might. It?? just one that have to share.

With an opening paragraph that includes the phrase ??ow of the future,?the Associated Press reports that researchers at the U.S. Dairy and Dairy Management’s Innovation Center are looking for ways to decrease greenhouse gases emitted by dairy cattle.

Cows produce a lot of methane—each animal spews 250 to 500 liters a day, according to the Journal of Animal Science. The AP quotes Thomas P. Gallagher, innovation center CEO, as saying his team wants to cut those emissions by a quarter by 2020. Researchers are investigating two methods: Adding fish oils to cow feed or rejiggering the bacteria in the cow’s gut. (Probiotic yogurt for the herd!)

The whole endeavor begs for a Bart Simpson joke. I’ll spare you.

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