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Five Questions for Sheryl Sandberg

A bit of a different format for 5Qs this time. Next Tuesday, April 7, BusinessWeek editor-in-chief, Steve Adler, will interview Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, as part of the ongoing ??aptains of Industry?series. (To get a sense of the format, see these recent interviews with Martha Stewart and Sony’s Howard Stringer.)

As COO at Facebook, Sandberg oversees all the business operations of the vast online social network, from sales to marketing to biz dev. Previously VP of Global Online Sales and Operations at Google, Sandberg is a veteran of both McKinsey and the World Bank, while she also worked in the Clinton administration, as Chief of Staff for the U.S. Treasury department. She’ll clearly be able to speak to a whole range of topics, and Steve will ask her some of the best questions we receive from readers, along with his own. So tell us: what would you like him to ask her?

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