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Remembering Ron Silver.

I went to Junior High School 71 on Avenue B and 7th Street on the Lower East Side of New York with Ron Silver and his death is a shocker. ??onnie?wasn’t the nicest of guys back then but he sure was one of the funniest and most creative. Like most people, I followed Ron’s career in movies, TV and theater. Loved him on West Wing and as Alan Dershowitz in Reversal of Fortune. He was fantastic in Hurlyburly and Speed the Plow on Broadway

But I was also fortunate to know him in other unexpected arenas—the Council On Foreign Relations and the World Economic Forum. Ron got a masters in Chinese, spoke OK Mandarin and was a well-known and well-liked participant in major foreign policy organizations.

Before 9/11, Ron was the expected Hollywood/New York liberal. After, he turned hard right in foreign affairs, while keeping his liberal social views. This confused some and angered others, especially in Hollywood. There were far fewer movie roles after Ron began speaking out.

Ron’s last role was on Sirius satellite radio with his own conservative talk show on politics and culture.

An unexpected life, an interesting journey.

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