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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

Western audiences will finally learn Marth's origins in Nintendo's DS game Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. This delightful adventure tells of Prince Marth's quest to defend his homeland of Archanea and unite the nine nations against the shadow dragon Medeus and the evil sorcerer Gharnef. It's a turn-based strategy game where you control a host of different characters with unique abilities, including Marth, archers, paladins and mages; once a character dies, he or she is gone forever. Intelligent Systems, the game's developer, took the original Famicom classic and improved it, thanks to features that make excellent use of the DS. In addition to enjoyable online play, you view the map on the top screen and control your characters with the stylus or the buttons and d-pad. Series veterans will recognize the familiar play style of the previous installments and jump right into the story, as a tutorial helps newcomers learn the basics. Because of these changes, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon is the gem of the series and a must play for DS owners.

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