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Motorola Sells Good Technology

When I read that Motorola has sold its Good Technology division today, an alarm went off in my head. Good Technology staffers have been at the heart of Android development at Motorola. For months now, they??e been working on new phones built around the Android operating system, developed by a slew of companies including Google. Motorola?? execs have touted Android-based phones as their future, as the products that will pull the company out of the mess it is in. But now, Motorola is selling Good? What is going on?

Actually, it turns out, there?? no reason to worry. Good?? staffers involved in the Android effort have stayed at Motorola, according to Motorola?? spokespeople. One of these people is Rick Osterloh, who is said to be driving Android development. So, for now, it looks like Motorola remains committed to the Android operating system.

That said, the sale still worries me. Here?? why: Until now, the Good guys could work on Android in a start-up mode. They were part of a unit whose culture was very different from that of the rest of Motorola. Now that they are integrated with other teams ?teams that have been having problems with innovation (check out another Razr look-alike phone that’s said to be in the works) — that could put a damper on Android innovation.

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