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Miller's One-Second Super Bowl Should Make Ad Makers Quiver

Miller High Life?? one-second Super Bowl ad may have seemed like a stunt, but according to post-game analysis by AC Nielsen, it moved the sales needle just as much as if it ran for 30??econds.

Here is the ad.

Sales of High Life, a brand within the Miller franchise that hasn?? exactly been at the center of the brewer?? marketing strategy, spiked 8.6% during the week after the Super Bowl vs. the same period a year earlier, according to AC Nielsen. Sales were up 5% from a year earlier the week before the game.

What?? interesting about the 1-second ad is that it comes at a time when online media types are trying to come up with effective ad formats to support online video. Taking a 30-second ad from TV and repurposing it to support a three minute sports clip or the like understandably seems like a bad idea. But a one-second ad, done right?

I can envision a whole lot of effective one to three second ads:

Ford Fusion Hybrid: ?1 MPG. Dang!!”

Starbucks: Pike Place: “My Cuppa Joe!”

Burger King Whopper: “Hooooooey. Whopper Time.”

Who else has some one second ad ideas?

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