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Update on voices of social media story

Here’s an update on that story, the voices of innovation in social media, which I’ve been talking about for way too long. As I mentioned in January, we picked four Voices. (I don’t call them “winners,” you’ll note, simply “voices.” No need to get competitive in this, since the only metrics are ideas.)

Anyway, I interviewed Scott Monty, Noah Brier, Beth Kanter and Eric Brown, and then proceeded to write an extremely long article about the four of them. (What the hell, I thought. It’s for on-line…) Meantime, each of them sent in short videos, which we need to blend into one. Now my editor for the story, Helen Walters, … is at TED! So we’ll see if she wants to chop the story into four or five pieces.

I wouldn’t usually burden you with this procedural knowledge, but since we started off this project with an open plea, and so many of you contributed thoughts and names, I figured I’d keep you up to date.

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