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T-Mobile to Launch More G Phones in 2009

A T-Mobile G2 could be coming out soon. A T-Mobile USA exec recently said that more ?? series?phones will be coming down the pike this year, “in the coming weeks and months.” As you’ll recall, the U.S.’s fourth-largest carrier was the first to launch the T-Mobile G1, the world’s first phone based on Android operating system for mobile phones, an effort lead by search giant Google. The G1 has sold quite well over the holidays, but many users have complained of poor battery life.

Photos and specs of next-generation devices that would address these problems have been making rounds. For now, they look eerily like the G1 and are expected to hit T-Mobile around May. As a result, I suspect G1 sales may be slow in the next few months, as some users wait up for the updated models.

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