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How the Numerati helped out Obama

Here’s a story I did on how the numbercrunchers I call the Numerati lent their science to the Obama campaign. Of course, others were doing similar calculations for the Republicans. But I had access to one Democratic consultancy, Spotlight Analysis, which I described at some length in my book.

By the way, did anyone else notice that Obama used the words “data” and “statistics” in his inauguration speech? I did a search through every previous inauguration speech, and found that the word “data” had never been uttered, and that “statistics” came up only once, 100 years ago in Taft’s inauguration. And catch what Taft said:

The progress which the negro has made in the last fifty years, from slavery, when its statistics are reviewed, is marvelous, and it furnishes every reason to hope that in the next twenty-five years a still greater improvement in his condition as a productive member of society, on the farm, and in the shop, and in other occupations may come.

If he only knew…

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