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Another Crack At, In Which A Cagey Robert Wright Forces Me Into Acting All Pollyanna And Stuff

Noted author and impresario Robert Wright was kind enough to have me back for another bloggingheads episode. As he said in the, uhm, ??iavlog?he hadn’t gotten much sleep in the past two nights and thus was even grouchier than normal about the prospects of the media business (particularly as they relate to his own livelihood).

Although I was thus cruelly forced into glass-half-full mode (as the screenshot indicates), Robert was kind enough to give me a platform to spew off some thought about media that I hadn’t quite expressed elsewhere. Like this, on the book industry. I am actually reasonably convinced that the saving grace for books is that many are bought to be given away as a gift, even though they thus go more or less unread:

The full hourlong episode is here, or just click on the image below.

Toyota's Hydrogen Man
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