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Burnett Food Bank Ad Warmed My Heart

Every year, somebody sends me some fruit and candy from Harry & David or some such mail-order operation. Let me tell the world??NOBODY WANTS THIS!

These boxes and baskets of fruit is the same stuff you can get at Kroger, only marked up 1000% with shipping added on.

My brother John advised me the other day that his gift to his siblings was a donation to the North Carolina food banks, which are sorely depleted from the Recession and foreclosure problem. Bravo! I said. At least it wasn?? the George Costanza ??uman Fund.?/p>

This ad from Leo Burnett is a pro-bono effort for the Greater Chicago Food Depository. I like it. The only odd thing is the shot of the female model, which makes her look oddly origamy-like—-and how about those “man hands”?

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