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SingStar ABBA

Dust off those disco shoes, hit the lights and get funky with SingStar ABBA. Sony's latest karaoke game offers 25 of the disco group's greatest hits, including Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia and Fernando, as well several entertaining music videos. To play, grab one of the PlayStation 3 microphones and follow the words along the bottom of the screen, paying close attention to tone and pitch. It's a good time, and ABBA fans will enjoy mimicking their favorite artists, but it's also Sony's sneaky way at forcing gamers to purchase more peripherals. Unlike the first PS3 SingStar, there's no online play and microphone aren't included. We're also disappointed by the lack of content about the band, interviews or other items that fans might enjoy. Of course, if you already have a PS3, the microphones and think ABBA's amazing, that $39.99 is well spent.

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