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Personal Trainer Cooking

Personal Trainer Cooking is an ideal companion for budding chefs interested in learning their way around the kitchen. Nintendo's DS cookbook comes with 245 recipes from 27 countries, and features easy to understand directions as well as video clips detailing food preparation. Gamers can look up recipes by calories, time to prepare, ingredients and other categories, as well as create helpful grocery lists. Dishes include jambalaya, empanada, seafood risotto, paella, French onion soup, chicken with red curry and chicken teriyaki. Asian dishes far outnumber North and South American ones combined (72 to a woeful 21), there are too many beef dishes compared to chicken (38 to 22) and some recipes require alcohol (a roadblock for gamers under 21), but Personal Trainer Cooking's simple instructions, user friendly presentation and budget $19.99 price make it an ideal pickup for wannabe Iron Chefs.

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