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Adding experts to crowdsourcing project

My thinking about the BWinfrastructure crowdsourcing project keeps changing. At first, the hope was to have vibrant discussions in 50 different “state” forums, with people arguing about dams and bridges and new high schools.

First lesson: People who contribute ideas seem to prefer to dance on the big stage, for everyone. The tendency is to push macro (ie. green energy), not micro. To get micro ideas, I’m probably going to need to push and prod.

Second, I hoped that this would be entirely a grassroots network. But now I’m adjusting my thinking on that, too. My new plan is to interview experts and post their ideas—and hope others respond. So I’ve interviewed O. Sami Saydjari, the CEO of Cyber Defense Agency, one of the leading experts on the need to protect our information networks. And I’ve posted his thoughts and various links on the Ning site. (Incidentally, he makes a very strong case that vulnerabilities in our networks and computers lead us open to attacks that could utterly paralyze our economy.)

If anyone wants to leave thoughts on the site, you can write your own blog post there with about 2 clicks. It’s a piece of cake. And of course, if you want to focus on a state, those groups are still available. But I’ve moved them toward the bottom of the page.

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