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Fiorina Knows John McCain: And....

Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina delivered mostly Fiorinized McCain talking points in her GOP convention speech tonight. Curious, though, was her refrain, ?? Know John McCain,?which she delivered about a dozen times.

As someone who has written a few speeches (for myself, CEOs and one Governor)I was trying to figure out what was to be gained by the refrain.

Was it to counter the oft-mentioned media observation of Barack Obama; that the country still does not know the Senator?

Or was she repeating her own endorsement of McCain, as if that alone is supposed to make women and business-owner voters (Fiorina’s strategic target in her campaigning)swing to the Arizona Senator?

Hasn't Fiorina's brand been tarnished a bit since being ousted by the HP board?

I'm sure her endorsement and stumping for McCain does attract some die-hard Fiorina fans. But as a speech-making refrain..."I know John McCain" sounds a bit lame.

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