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VIDEO: Sergey Brin on Why Google's Launching a Browser

Google?? Chrome browser is now officially available here. I?? afraid I haven?? had a chance to try it, though I hope to a little later; meantime, here?? an early review from Walt Mossberg of the Journal, who has had a week to test it out. He says it?? still rough around the edges (which is exactly what I expected early reviews to say).

Following is a video of a couple of questions I had a chance to ask Sergey Brin, Google?? cofounder and president of technology, after the demo at the Googleplex today. I had trouble with editing software, so there?? a piece of a question before my two questions, then a couple more from other reporters. (Technology ain?? working so well for me today??.)

Update: Apologies, for some reason I can?? yet divine, the video is no longer available on YouTube. I??l re-post elsewhere if I can?? resolve it. You can now also see Google?? own video of the Chrome press event here.

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