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Android Developer Challenge Results in Some Mighty Cool Apps

The Android Developer Challenge, in which software programmers competed for cash prizes to see who will create the coolest applications for upcoming Android-based cell phones, has ended. Reading the list of winners, I was pleasantly surprised: Many of these applications are nothing like what other cell phones ?yes, even the iPhone — offer.

cab4me, for example, allows you to order a cab anywhere in the world. You don’t have to know the cab company’s name or its phone number. The application can order a cab to arrive to your current location with a single click.

Another application, Softrace, can allow you to compete against people you meet online — and who may be located all over the world — in real time. The software uses your phone’s location information to calculate how far and how fast you are going. You can compete against others in real time, or with already completed races. Pretty cool, huh?

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