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The Joe Biden Gaffe Clock

The Republican National Committee is waiting for Democratic VP nominee Joe Biden to put his foot in his mouth. Today, the RNC launched a countdown clock on its web site to ??affes?in Biden’s public comments.

Biden is known for his candor, and for occasionally making comments that many perceive as insensitive. His description of Barack Obama as “clean and articulate” was widely viewed as racially insensitive if not somewhat derogatory.

But the only mistake the RNC could highlight from Biden’s well received speech Wednesday night was that Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said “batallion” instead of “brigade” when referring to Obama’s plans for Afghanistan. Brigades are made up of many batallions.

In watching the speech with the Ohio delegation Wednesday night, it was clear that Biden's remarks were well received by many Democrats. Some in the group appeared moved to near tears as Biden discussed his background, the heart ache of losing his wife in a car crash, and his dedication to his family. They cheered loudly as Biden attacked McCain as being out of touch with what the American people really need and the difficulties facing the middle class.

Whether those cheers will continue through upcoming debates depends on how well Biden balances the frank speaking style that is his trademark with caution. He can be sure that any slip will be noted, publicized, and plastered across the Web.

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