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McCain Agrees With Obama on Tires....Finally

A couple of fact-checks before you watch this video.

Barack Obama never suggested that proper inflation of tires would make the U.S. energy independent, just that it would be smart for consumers feeling pinched by high gas prices and that it would lead to consuming less gasoline.

Based on some studies that look at how under-inflated tires can be in the U.S., many consumers could save around $500 a year at current gas prices if they check their pressure at every fill-up.

Obama only talked about “proper inflation of tires,” not “tire inflation” as McCain does. Everyone, in fact, has to inflate their tires if they hope to get anywhere, though I suppose you can drive a certain distance on your rims.

Not everything Obama says in ads or on the stump holds up to vigorous fact-check either. But this tire inflation thing worked my last nerve.

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