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Microsoft: In Trouble in China?

I just read a report saying that Microsoft may end up being the first defendant in a lawsuit stemming from a new Chinese anti-monopoly law that went into effect on Aug. 1. Apparently, a number of Chinese IT companies are paging through the new law trying to figure out the best way to tackle the software giant.

Is Microsoft in trouble? I should think not. While its software is widely used in China, much of it has been pirated. According to this article, more than eight of every 10 pieces of software sold in that country are pirated. While Microsoft Windows may be a mainstay in China, last year, the Redmond giant earned less revenue in that country than in California, according to this story. China, which Bill Gates had said would eventually become Microsoft?? largest market, currently accounts for less than 5% of the company?? global sales. just can?? see how rival IT companies can zero in on Microsoft in a situation like that.

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