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Mad Men...and Women

I saw the premier for Mad Men Season 2 and it struck me as funny that one of the themes was about how ad agency Sterling Cooper needs to hire younger people—25 or younger—and the old-timers (most of whom are in their late 20s and mid 30s) are angry and panicky, convinced that no one can do the job they can.

Now, bear in mind that there wasn't a big knowledge gap related to technology. (The big hoopla in the office in this episode had to do with the arrival of the gigantic Xerox machine.) Not that I think the sexually charged, male chauvinistic, drink-all-day ad agency shown on Mad Men has a lot in common with today's workplace, but there is something to the idea that some things never change--the "older generation" will always feel the younger one breathing down their necks, and the younger ones always feel that their fresh take on things is just what's needed.

If you watch Mad Men, what do you take away from that early '60s office?

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