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Nokia-Qualcomm Saga Continues

Tomorrow, the Nokia-Qualcomm dispute over royalties will enter yet another courtroom. On July 23, a judge for the Delaware Court of Chancery will start hearings to determine whether previous contractual agreements require Nokia to pay certain royalties to Qualcomm or not.

As you??l recall, the royalties agreement between the two companies expired in the spring of 2007. As they attempt to renegotiate the licensing agreement, the companies have been embroidered in more than a dozen lawsuits all over the world. But many of these cases have been frozen pending the Delaware trial ?a sign that the decision made in this case could be key in settling the dispute.

The Delaware judge, who isn’t expected to issue a decision until September-October, will also look into Nokia’s claims that Qualcomm violated some laws with its involvement in setting certain wireless standards. Hearings are expected to last for about a week.

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