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On Nokia's Mosh: An artist deals hand-drawn pix

Nokia’s George Linardos was in the other day talking about Mosh, the company’s mobile social network. It now gets about 1 million page views per day, with people hanging around for an average of 11 minutes. We asked him what people use Mosh for. His answer: Stuff you’d never expect, some of it strange.

Example? Derrick Welsh, a British artist, offered to draw custom wallpaper for handset screens. He has been inundated with requests. He became the #1 ranked user on the site. And now that he has a global brand, he’s opening a Web page to sell these images.

I e-mailed Welsh, and he promptly asked me to send an image idea. So I told him about how Heather and her husband, Matt, were recently seen rescuing a fallen duckling near Notre Dame, in Paris. Within an hour or so, here’s what I received from Welsh:

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