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Business at Work: Need Help

An editor justed strolled into my office and asked if I could help on a big project. It’s called Business at Work, and it involves teaming up with readers to create a big editorial package about the biggest issues we face at work. He asked if there was some way to mobilize the people who stop by this blog to contribute ideas. My answer: I dunno. But I can ask.

So, here are the issues that have been nominated so far.

* Dealing with generational tension in the workplace

* Balancing work-life responsibilities without going crazy

* Managing your time so e-mail and Crackberries don’t control you

* Coping with clueless—or toxic—bosses

* Staying entrepreneurial and taking risks in an era of uncertainty

* Negotiating a stultifying bureaucracy—and getting things done

* Leaving a smaller carbon footprint at work

* Overcoming tech challenges in an outsourced world

* Managing through volatility and dealing with change fatigue

* Working remotely and staying connected with co-workers

* Dealing with racial/cultural/gender differences

Any ideas about how we could open-source one or two of these? Are there others we should add?

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