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Moblyng: Mobilizing Multimedia

I talked to an interesting company this morning. Moblyng, which received $5.7 million in funding from MDV-Mohr Davidow Ventures and Deep Fork Capital today, allows consumers to mobilize existing social media like Slide and RockYou slide shows, YouTube videos and MySpace videos slide shows and photo albums.

Today, you have to have special applications downloaded onto your phone to view Flash-based content on your MySpace pages. But with Moblying?? technology, users do not need to download anything onto their phones. Moblyng simply ??crapes?content from your MySpace, Friendster or other social network page and sends it directly to your mobile devices. Basically, you get a text message on your phone, click on the link — and, voila, you can see all content collected on your MySpace profile. I’ve seen a demo, and the service looks pretty cool.

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