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Fantastic Strategy Conference at the IIT Institute of Design on May 22.

I?? off to one of my favorite conferences this coming week??atrick Whitney?? annual Strategy Conference??t the IIT Institute of Design in Chicago. You can catch two of the many terrific speakers on our Innovation & Design site right now. Bill Buxton on A New Mantra for Creativity.

And the great duo of John Hagel and John Seeley Brown on Institutional Innovations.

This is a very hot topic??oing outside the four walls of a corporation-or any organization- to network talent across many instituttions, countries and cultures. I believe the networked corporation will be the new model for the 21st century and the biggest management challenge ahead is managing innovation within a networked organization.

We profiled Patrick Whitney, the head of the Institute of Design, in our first issue of Inside Innovation.

Other speakers at the conference will be P&G?? A.G. Lafley (his book, Game-Changer, is a must-read), Claudia Kotchka, VP of Design Innovation and Strategy at P&G and Roger Martin, dean of the Rotman School of Management at the U of Toronto. I??l be there to kibbitz.

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