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B-Dubs Got Punked!

We launched BusinessWeek Arcade a few weeks back and low and behold game-designer/artist/agitator Mark Essen a.k.a. Messhof subversively replaced the game we were linking to, You Found The Grappling Hook, with a ??ro?version that takes place inside BusinessWeek’s offices. (To paraphrase the story line: if you haven’t played this game yet, the terrorists have already taken over.) For the entire background as well as how we found out about the project, check out my colleague Helen Walter’s blog post here.

I wanted to post a few notes about the game, which you should download and play immediately. (Download it here or the original version, which is equally fun, here.) It is utterly brilliant, funny, subversive, and just plain fun to play. And not just because it’s about us, either. Messhof’s art-pixel graphics, the tenuously digitized soundtrack, and the mashup of 24-style dialogue with read-for-clues puzzles

For me personally, there’s an additional bit of (good) voodoo in playing a game where many of the puzzles are based on my close friends and colleagues’ stories. (Misread a BW story and answer a question incorrectly and your avatar will find himself locked in a janitor’s closet until the authorities arrive.) This is easily the coolest thing that’s happened since we’ve been covering the games business here at Games, Inc. Look for a QA with Mark in the near future.

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