Corrections & Clarifications

"A Quandary for Buffett" (The Business Week, Apr. 21, 2008)

"A Quandary for Buffett" (The Business Week, Apr. 21) misstated the way in which insurer AIG (AIG) accounted for the $500million it received from General RE in a fraudulent transaction. It was added to loss reserves, not earnings.

"A Smaller, Friendlier Hummer?" (IN Cars, Apr. 28, 2008)

A table depicting the evolution of GM's Hummer SUV ("incars," IN, Apr. 28) transposed the illustrations of the H2 (2002) and H3 (2005) models. The written descriptions of each model are correct.

"Many Historic Returns" (BTW, May 5, 2008)

"Many Historic Returns" (BTW, May 5) should have estimated Andrew Carnegie's 1865 income as worth about $2 million today, not $12 million.

Toyota's Hydrogen Man
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