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Jajah Lands Yahoo Deal

Web-calling service Jajah deserves a pat on the back: Today, the company announced it?? landed a big new customer, Yahoo. Jajah will now power Yahoo?? premium voice service, allowing people to make low-cost PC-to-phone and phone-to-PC voice calls via Yahoo Messenger, which has nearly 97 million users worldwide.

Good news for Jajah? You bet. But as Web-calling expert Andy Abramson notes on his blog today, the exact implications for Jajah are yet unclear. Much will depend on whether the Microsoft-Yahoo merger goes through. If the merger does go through, Microsoft may want to use its own voice technology with the Messenger, instead. On the other hand, perhaps a merger could give Jajah an opportunity to squeeze its way into providing services to some of Microsoft?? divisions.

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