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Reader Poll: Tell Me Your Most Surprising "Switcher" Stories

Yesterday?? earnings news tells the tale: The Mac is on fire, and the fuel seems to be ??witchers? That’s the only logical assumption one can make, if Apple is to be believed that half of the PCs purchased by the record number of shoppers at its stores were first-time Mac buyers. And if Geeksugar has it right, there will be new iMacs next week to lure even more of these people into their local Apple shop.

But I want to get a better sense of who these folks are. So let the call go forth: Bring me your tales of recent Mac owners who you never thought would end up with a Mac. Are they young or old, investment bankers or plumbers, Republicans or Democrats? Are they people who swore for years they’d never take the Mac plunge, or folks who could care less but just wanted to take the safest route by buying Windows?

And why are they switching now? The Mac has had security advantages and design superiority for years, and Apple has been outmarketing the Wintel crowd for just as long. The iPod halo effect is now nearly a half-decade old. If Vista’s shortcomings are the issue—well, Vista is more than a year old, too. Yet the mass migration seems to be accelerating. What’s your explanation?

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