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Design is Dead: The Raw Philippe Starck Interview

Check out Starck?? entire interview on why he?? disgusted with design??r at least HIS kind of design.

My favorite question-response in the Die Zeit interview is this:

ZEIT: So all the things you have created ?unnecessary?

P.S.: Everything I have created is absolutely unnecessary. Design, structurally seen, is absolutely void of usefulness. A useful profession would be to be an astronomer, a biologist or something of that kind. Design really is nothing. I have tried to install my designs with a sense of meaning and energy, and even when I tried to give my best it was still in vain.

Naw. When David Rockwell designs a better experience for kids getting cancer treatments in a hospital, design is absolutely useful. When Cameron Sinclair runs a contest for the best, most inexpensive architecture for housing in poor villages, that’s pretty good design.

But…what do you think?

Thanks to C Sven Johnson at rebang for the link to the interview.

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