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BW Arcade: People Are Talking

Earlier this week we launched BusinessWeek Arcade, a compilation of free, independently developed games as part of our Power of Play special report. These titles show how the gaming industry is getting deeper and broader thanks to designers “out there.”

I’m a bit surprised at the attention we’ve gotten; blogs and news sites from the gaming and media press to mainstream outlets have run items about the story. Most of the coverage is positive – thanks, I think, to a really great selection of games – but a lot of it surprised that we would do something like this. In any case, here are some of those stories from the past week:

Juniper Research — BusinessWeek Arcade?PRWeek — BusinessWeek creates interactive gaming siteFolio Magazine — Magazines Turning to Interactive Online GamesMediaWire Daily – BusinessWeek got gameKotaku – BusinessWeek…Arcade?IndieGames – News: BusinessWeek ArcadeConsole Informer – BusinessWeek Arcade… What the???MediaBistro – Business’s Byrne: ”Gaming’s Not What It Used To Be”PaidContent/ — BusinessWeek Opens Online Gaming ‘Arcade’

And, better yet, here’s the page, which I have been forbidden but several colleagues to refer to as B-Dub Arcade.

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