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Mark Zuckerberg is A Nice Guy

I know. I know. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is supposed to be this arrogant braniac. One would assume he?? have to be in order to have the cojones needed to run a $15 billion company at age-23. In fact, seeing him on stage at prior Facebook media events, confidently discussing an advertising future that leaves much of old media behind, I thought he was a bit over-confident myself.

I was wrong. I had drinks with Zuckerberg and BusinessWeek columnist Sarah Lacy last night in the Hilton Hotel lobby. (The cool Hilton across from the Convention Center as opposed to the less cool Hilton a couple blocks away. Here in Austin, how far you have to walk to the Convention Center is a matter of status?? My hotel is about a mile away. Maybe more.)

Zuckerberg struck me as shy and self-effacing. He has a refreshingly casual demeanor that matched the jeans and zip up sweater he was wearing. Though he didn?? drink, he joked about being a bit awkward on stage and smiled often. He was downright likable. A very nice guy.

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