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It's Official: Stu Reed to Leave Motorola

Another day, another Motorola executive is leaving the company. On March 7, the cell-phone maker announced that Stu Reed, who used to head its mobile devices business, will be leaving effective immediately. Yesterday, Motorola?? chief marketing officer had quit. In February, the company appointed a new chief financial officer.

The ongoing executive shake-up doesn?? come as a surprise, as Motorola?? bread-and-butter cell-phone business continues to deteriorate, and the company is looking for new faces to fix the problems and take the business in a new direction. The shake-up, in my opinion, proves that Motorola isn?? looking to sell its devices unit, as many have thought. If that were the case, the company would have waited for an acquirer to come in, to discharge its crew and to appoint new people. No, what?? happening here is, Motorola is looking to rebuild its struggling business on its own.

That said, I am still waiting to see new faces at Motorola. It looks like a lot of its newest executives have simply been promoted from within. But it might take outsiders to fix its deep problems.

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