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First "production" Tesla rolls in

Catching up on news from other green blogs I see that last week, over at, the lads got special access to the arrival of the first “production” models of the all-electric, super fast sports Tesla roadster being delivered. Though car No 1. is still a far cry from mass production, it wasn’t long ago critics were dismissing Tesla as a fantasy toy for the super-rich. The charge is turning out to be only half true: not a fantasy, but very much for the super rich. Regardless, what better way to roll out an all electric sports car? There’s plenty of pint sized electric go carts out that there, at the far end of the price-performance spectrum, and they’re not generating any of the heat the Tesla already has, even before production. I’ll be watching to see if demand stays hot, and the supersized lithium ion battery packs can stay cool.

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