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Change Your Work Environment, Invigorate Your Workplace

If you feel the pace at your small business is a bit sluggish, it might be time to do an "environmental audit." Put yourself in the shoes of someone—be it a potential customer or a new employee—who is walking into your business for the very first time. What do you notice? Are there colors (other than gray or beige) that catch the eye? Is there art on the walls? How about plants or anything from nature? Is there anything to stimulate the senses?

If you want to generate creative ideas for solving your business problems, you need to be surrounded by an environment that helps you and your employees think big—and differently. You can’t do that if there is nothing to enliven the senses. A dull environment equals a dull business.

Lisa Gundry, PhD

Professor of Management

Director, Center for Creativity & Innovation

DePaul University

The Good Business Issue
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