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Universe at War: Earth Assault

Universe at War: Earth Assault has all the right parts for a great real-time strategy (RTS) game, including three unique and customizable factions (Hierarchy, Novus and Masari). However, there are numerous oversights and glitches that prevent the game from fulfilling its potential. These issues run the full gamut, and include mildly annoying problems like the inability to set unit temperament. More severe bugs include the occasional inability to target critical areas on enemies. Incredibly frustrating and game breaking, problems stem from the omniscient computer player, which can track the player's every move even when stealth units are in play, rendering the entire stealth/guerilla warfare aspect completely useless. Players can overcome a few of these issues with multiplayer, but there are limited options for a game that puts such strong emphasis on customization. Perhaps this is the result of trying to put together an RTS game that plays well on both the PC and Xbox 360 with cross-platform competition in mind, but Universe at War falls short of greatness.

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