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TryPhone: Test-Driving Cell Phones, Virtually

I just stumbled onto, offering a cool new way to test-drive a new cell phone without driving out to a carrier?? store to see the device. The site has posted pictures of phones such as LG Muziq that are interactive. You can press the phone?? buttons, scroll through digital menus, and get a feel for what operating that phone would be like.

Here?? the cool part: TryPhone claims that its unique software lets Web users to remotely operate actual phones. The interactive demos on the site, which is currently in Beta, are actual recordings of such interactions.

Today, the site only offers demos of a few phones, including Samsung Juke, BlackBerry Pearl and the iPhone (alas, in the case of the iPhone, you can not get a sense of the great finger-swiping action by clicking on the phone's screen with your computer mouse). But I think such sites can be helpful in making buying decisions. I wouldn't be surprized if service providers incorporate this functionality into their online stores.

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