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Blog battle inside IBM

A little battle over an internal IBM blog post is taking place on comments to an old IBM “second life” post of mine. It involves IBM’s Ian Hughes, a blogger and a metaverse evangelist at the company. He also blogs as Epredator. On an internal blog, he posted at length about his displeasure at Big Blue, and how the company wasn’t recognizing his team’s efforts. “Tina Bell” cut-and-pasted his post and put it into comments on this blog. Epredator responded here (and presumably comments elsewhere) and on on his own blog. Another commenter questions whether “Tina” is anti-IBM or anti-epreditor, pointing to posts, here and here.

What do we get from all this? A glimpse inside IBM, one of the most active blogging companies around. A little bit of dirty laundry, perhaps. But what I see is a corporate culture generating lots of free expression.

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