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The Rich Zannino Scorecard

Took over as CEO of Dow Jones: Feb, 2006.

Date of Departure from Dow Jones: upon the completion of the News Corp. acqusition of Dow Jones. (Read: soon.)

Financial Results, 2006

Revenues: $1.78 billion, up 6.6%

Operating Income: $104.5 million, up 8.8%

Operating Margin: 5.9%, up from 5.7%.

Financial Results, First Nine Months of 2007

Revenues: $1.53 billion

Operating Income: $104.6 million

Operating Margin: 6.8%, up from 4.3%

Let's set aside the sale of the company to News Corp.-- a notion which, after all, originated with Rupert Murdoch and was blessed (after much sturm und drang) by the Bancroft family--and let me know your answer this question:

Is this a performance worth a $19 million payout?

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