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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare throttles the senses, plunging you into vicious combat scenarios in which you must overcome overwhelming odds. An excellently crafted single player campaign thrusts you into a struggle for power, as you thwart a terrorist regime from nuking the United States. Although it lasts a brisk six to seven hours, you'll struggle to breathe near the end, after dodging rockets, running from attack choppers and narrowly escaping wild dogs' gore soaked fangs. If you do survive, you'll enjoy Arcade mode, where you replay missions to accumulate points and then upload your scores to the online leader boards. Or dive into the deep multiplayer mode, where you and up to 17 opponents wage war across 16 diverse maps, all the while leveling up and unlocking new modes, gear and weapons. This shooter is so addictive, gorgeous (both visually and aurally) and unrivaled that it demands your immediate attention. Just answer the call.

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