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Off to the Business Innovation Factory Summit + Conferencing Twittering, Anyone?

Tomorrow I?? off to attend the sold-out Business Innovation Factory?? annual summit in Providence, RI. This year?? topic is ??ollaborative innovation?— and should be intriguing as “collaboration” is certainly a hot topic, especially in the context of “innovation.”

The speaker list is quite impressive: from Harvard B-school professor and innovation guru Clayton Christensen to ZipCar and GoLoco founder Robin Chase to Steven Johnson, author of Everything Bad is Good For You and numerous other thoughtful, engaging books.

Featured on the Business Innovation Factory’s site is yet another social network (some of you might react to this with a yawn). This one is meant to help conference attendees connect with one another, find each other there, etc. And x While the concept isn’t new, of course it’s nice to see that the conference’s organizers are truly walking the walk in terms of the event’s main theme — collaboration.

What seems to me a fresher use of social media in relation to conferences in general is the use of Twitter to capture the zeitgeist of a conference—in real time. I know that blogger and designer David Armano has. If you have, too, please write in. I’d love to hear about your experience.

I’ll post on the Business Innovation Factory’s conference, starting tomorrow afternoon. And will also try twittering from the event, too.

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