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Project Gotham Racing 4

Microsoft's Project Gotham series makes another stop on the Xbox 360. And although the fourth installment lacks some visual panache, developer Bizarre Creations delivers one hell of a racing experience. Like previous entries, compete in multiple real world cities (New York, Las Vegas and Tokyo, among others), the goal to not only defeat your opponents but to do so with style, earning kudos for pulling off risky moves without smacking into walls. The inclusion of motorcycles adds an interesting element, as Harley Davidson's mix it up with Ferraris. You'll flip over the numerous modes, race types and online options. We just wish it had the graphical punch that Project Gotham 3 had when it debuted in 2005. With that said, PGR4 still looks gorgeous, and with so many features including the new Geometry Wars: Waves, you'll play it for months.

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