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Empower Employees to Handle Customer Problems

Nine times out of 10, a customer problem starts with a simple issue that can be solved in a matter of minutes. These issues can make the difference between one-time customers and loyal patrons. Front-line employees typically encounter and discover customer problems and should therefore be equipped and enabled to instantly resolve them.

This is what I call "make-it-right power." It makes the front-line experience run more smoothly and efficiently for both customers and front-line employees. To incorporate this into your small business, you need to engage front-line employees to ensure it is valuable and effective.

Here are some ways to give front-line employees make-it-right power:

Spend some time with the front-line employees to understand how they currently solve customers’ problems.

Find out from the employees what would make it easier for them solve these problems.

Record this gathered knowledge into a best practices document.

Establish make-it-right authority for every employee in the organization.

Define a policy and procedure around how to administer make-it-right power.

Provide the necessary training.

Once a front-line employee has make-it-right power, he or she will be able to quickly and efficiently solve customers’ problems. This is a simple step that will improve customer loyalty and improve your bottom line.

Michael D. Brown

Customer Service Consultant

Author of Fresh Customer Service

Los Angeles

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